Say goodbye to fumbling with your phone while in your car. With OverDryve on your dashboard, you can communicate and navigate, with just the sound of your voice.

OverDryve is equipped with Rand McNally’s award-winning navigation to help you get wherever you need to go – whether it’s the grocery store or an epic road trip. Simply speak your destination and you’re on your way.

No more worrying about data overages  
OverDryve has maps on board, so you won’t need to use any data while finding your way. The smart mount has an extra GPS antenna that provides greater accuracy. 

Advanced routing features
With split-screen junction view, advanced lane guidance, and multiple map views, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way. OverDryve even estimates toll costs for longer trips.

Stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks directly from your favorite apps on your phone – and listen to it all through your car’s stereo speakers.

Or, download your favorite apps and music onto OverDryve, to play without an internet connection.

Still have a library of MP3 files? Load them onto OverDryve using an SD card or USB and take your music with you.

Points of interest
Find whatever you’re looking for along the way. With Exits Info, you can even see what’s available at every highway exit.

Live features
Connect to Wi-Fi to access live weather, traffic, and fuel prices along your route

Record your drive for safety or to capture amazing moments from the road. Whether there’s a sudden slow down or an incredible view in front of you, OverDrvye’s features have your back.

OverDryve’s built-in DashCam can help provide documentation of an accident as well as a video memento from the road.

Provides Bluetooth® hands-free calling and texting

OverDryve is a revolutionary connected-car device that brings advanced luxury car features to any car, maximizing the driver’s capabilities and minimizing distraction.

Streams music, podcasts and audiobooks directly from your favorite apps on your phone

Integrates with your phone's built-in voice assistant (Siri, Google, etc.)

Make any car a connected car

Make the road your only focus

Take your music with you

Commercial-grade navigation

An extra set of eyes

OverDryve OS

OverDryve runs a custom operating system, OverDryve OS, built on top of Android 5.1 (Lollipop) – offering proprietary Rand McNally apps as well as the cusomizability and familiarity of Android. In addition, you can further safeguard and secure your driving experiences with accessories that work in concert in the OverDryve Ecosystem. With the: 

OverDryve Plug-In - Check diagnostics such as vehicle fault codes and fuel economy. Say goodbye to the mysterious check engine light.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System - quickly access the temperature and pressure of each individual tire on your car, so you know which tire to fill and when.

Wireless Back-up Camera - reverse your car more safely, seeing what’s behind you displayed on your OverDryve device.

Designed for the car

The powered magnetic smart mount is a snap! It holds the device firmly in place when required and allows it to detach easily when needed, without removing the cord.

With automotive-inspired styling and chrome details, OverDryve is designed for the vehicle environment, and makes an elegant addition to any dashboard.

See what they're saying

Customize your OverDryve

Make any car a connected car



Designed with drivers in mind, OverDryve:

Plays sound through your in-car stereo system

Features award-winning on-board navigation & trip planning

Records your trips with the built-in dash cam

Runs “OverDryve™ OS”, a customizable platform built on Android 5.1 (Lollipop)

Provides a platform to download apps, games, music, audiobooks & more

With OverDryve’s Voice Assistant, you can use voice commands you already know (via Apple’s Siri or Google Voice) to read and send text messages, place hands-free calls, and much more.

Put down your phone. Voice Assistant plays back everything over the stereo system in your car.

Stop shouting. Voice Assistant leverages OverDryve’s powerful noise cancelling dual-microphone array, specifically designed for use in the car.

All audio from OverDryve can be played through your car stereo using an AUX cable or through your FM Radio. OverDryve also includes a powerful speaker on the smart mount – meaning that you can hear your music and navigation directions through the stereo of any car.

Connect to your car’s stereo



When you’re out of the car, OverDryve becomes your everyday tablet. Whether you’re using it for work or play, make OverDryve your own by downloading the apps you love.

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